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Competition information

The 2022-2023 season promises to be another great badminton year. With 11 mixed teams, we are represented in the federal competition, from the first to the eighth division.

Start times for home matches

Like last season, we will play league again this season in Galgenwaard 2 (the back section).

We will play from 11.00am.

Please check in advance what time your team has to play and make sure everyone is on time. Like every season, the court schedule will be available in the hall. On the court map you can see on which court(s) your team will play, which courts are changing and the start and end times. Changing courts will be arranged in such a way that every team can make use of them. In principle, the higher-ranking teams start on the extra court.

Results and standings

The results and standings of the competition can be followed by everyone throughout the season on the homepage and the teampage.

Submitting results

The team captain is responsible for completing the form in advance. The team captain of the home team must print out the match sheet in duplicate prior to the match. One copy is for the opponent and one for the home team.

Both teams make any changes to the team line-up. This is done separately. The home team then ensures that any changes and the results are noted on both copies. Both copies must be signed by both team captains after the match.

Afterwards, the team captain of the home team must enter all changes into the competition computer programme. League teams should have entered the results no later than Sunday evening 20:00 hrs.

Need a substitute?

The telephone numbers of all (reserve) players are distributed among the team captains by e-mail. Do not forget to take the substitution rules of the league into account! Because substituting in the first- through third-division is different from substituting in the fourth division and lower, we have given a short description of both substitution regulations below.

Mochten er nog vragen zijn, neem dat contact op met de TC en/of Isabel. Elza + Heddeke ( en Isabel (

Substitutes First / Third Division

  • The strongest substitute in the team (i.e. highest ranked on the substitute ranking list of all substitutes in the team in a match) is no higher on the substitute ranking list than the strongest non-playing permanent player.
  • The second strongest substitute in the team is not higher on the substitute ranking list than the second strongest non-playing permanent player, etc.
  • If there are more substitutes than non-playing regular players, the remaining substitutes must not be ranked higher on the substitute ranking list than the lowest ranked regular player on the team.
  • In the event of an accident or illness after the beginning of the match, the absent player may be replaced by another player in matches yet to be played.
  • A permanent player of a team may not substitute in a lower division than the division in which his team plays.
  • A permanent player of a team may play for his own team as well as for another team in a maximum of 4 weeks in a match season.
  • In the last 4 rounds of a section, a regular player of a team may not play for that team if, prior to a match, his number of substitutions exceeds 50% of the number of times he has played for his own team.

Substitutes Fourth Division and lower

  • A permanent player of a team may play for his own team in a league week and may substitute once for another team in the same league week.
  • The number of substitutions in a team playing in the same league shall not exceed three.
  • A regular player may not substitute in a lower team, unless this team plays in the same league.
  • There is no limit to the number of substitutions.