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Who we are

Hello. We are Iduna, the best badminton club in Utrecht. Take your time to look around, you'll find most of the answers here and otherwise just drop by.

With about


members we are active 3 times a week. Mostly at our regular location Sportcentrum de Galgenwaard.

When do we play








At iduna, we love balance between recreational and competitive players, ensuring that there are enough activities for everyone, at every level.

Are you an avid competitive player?

You can join us for competition from 8th to 1st Division.

If you prefer to play as a recreational player, you can of course do that too. Although...for recreational players, we organise an internal competition every year. Young or old, you are always welcome at Iduna!

Frequently asked questions

Membership and Introduction

At what age can I become a member?

Are you (almost) 16 years or older and would you like to play at our badminton club? We have something for everyone: recreational playing, competition teams at all levels, training. You can come and have a look and play. Normally, there is no waiting list.

When can I become a member?

You can become a member of Iduna all year round. It does not matter if the playing season has just started or just ended. As long as there are places available you can become a member immediately. If there is a membership stop, we will clearly indicate this. In that case we can put you on the waiting list.

Vanaf €220 ben je al lid. Meer weten kijk bij Becoming a member and membership fees

When are the open evenings at Iduna?

Onze open avonden zijn meestal in september en januari. Raadpleeg de agenda om precies te zien wanneer. Je kunt ook even een e-mail naar ons algemene adres en je krijgt dan een advies over je kennismaking met de club.

Can I just come and watch on a regular evening?

Just come and have a look on Monday and Wednesday evenings. You can always contact our welcoming committee. Look on the game board to see who these people are and they will show you the way. If you cannot find them, just speak to any member and they will help you.

What is the membership fee at iduna?

De basiscontributie bedraagt €220 per jaar. Kijk voor de overige kosten bij membership fees and opportunities

I am a student can I get a discount?

Upon submission of a copy of the student card / proof of enrolment with current college year, you will get 25% student discount.

I have a U-pas can I get a discount?

Upon submission of a copy of a valid U-pas, you may be eligible for a discount. The discount amount depends on the municipality's scheme and the personal budget still available.

How do I pay basic annual fees?

Iduna werkt met automatische incasso. We zullen voor het incasseren van de contributie gebruik maken van een doorlopende machtiging.

I want to change my details

Have you moved? Changed phone number or e-mail address? Please report your changes immediately to our membership administration (

How do I cancel my membership?

Of course you can cancel your membership of BC Iduna. You can do so by sending an e-mail to, with a CC to If you do not want to be a member anymore at the start of a new badminton season, your cancellation has to be done before August 15. If your cancellation is received after that date, you will be a member of BC Iduna for the next season and you will therefore have to pay membership fees for the whole season.

Exception: if you wish to cancel during the season (i.e. after 15 August) and we have a waiting list at the time of your cancellation, we will refund your membership fee for the remaining months of the season you are no longer a member. After all, we can then immediately register a new member in your spot. You can ask the membership administration (via whether there is a waiting list at the time you cancel / want to cancel. of er een wachtlijst is op het moment dat je opzegt / wil opzeggen.

Play and competition

On which days can I play?

Je kunt bij Iduna spelen op maandag en woensdag (speeltijden 19.30-23.00 uur) in Sportcentrum de Galgenwaard en op zondag spelen we de competitewedstrijden tussen 10.30 en 16.00 uur.

Are there also competitions for recreational players?

Yes, indeed. Iduna has its own spectacular recreational league where several teams compete for the coveted cup. In addition, every recreational player can take part in the spring league and compete against other clubs.

When is the recreational or colour league?

The recreational or colour league is played on Wednesday evenings. See the page for more information

At what level does Iduna compete?

Iduna's teams are active from 8th to 1st division league.

When does Iduna play its home games?

Competition matches are on Sundays at varying times in the morning or afternoon.

I want to sign up for competition at bc iduna

Dat kan. Competitie spelen en trainen is één van de mogelijkheden bij onze club. Afhankelijk van je speelsterkte en teamindeling train je bij Bart-Jan of Gerard. Bij aanmelding geef je je op voor komend badmintonseizoen. Please email the technical committee to indicate your interest or any other questions around competition.

Training and competition fees are in addition to the basic membership fee. You can check the possibilities on our become a member page in the form of packages (competition I,II and III).


When is the regular league training?

De reguliere training voor competitiespelers is altijd op woensdagavond tijdens het competitieseizoen. De hogere competitieteams trainen bij Bart-Jan, de lagere competitieteams krijgen training van Gerald.

When are the optional trainings?

Additional training is possible on Monday evenings and after the competition season also on Wednesday evenings. These additional training sessions are based on registration and the rule is: full is full (although we do consider a good level distribution). All league players and reserves will be notified as soon as registration opens.

Are there also training opportunities for recreational players?

Yes. There are two opportunities for recreational training. The basic skills training and the extra skills training. You can attend a maximum of one trial training session. Not sure in which group you belong? Ask our trainer Erik during the training evening.


Why do I receive Iduna e-mail in my spam box?

Of course it is very annoying if you miss messages from the club. Iduna always sends its email via Add this email address to your contact list and the mail will come back to you. If you want our messages always to be in your inbox and not in 'advertisement' (gmail), it is useful to create a filter. This filter puts all email from in the right box.

How do I create this handy filter?

How can I order club clothes?

Het bestellen en betalen van de clubkleding doe je via de website van CHESPsport. .

  1. Ga naar het menu Sportkleding en selecteer BC Iduna. Als je inlogt met het wachtwoord CHESPsport2022, dan zie je de verschillende alle clubkledingopties en met de speciale prijzen die BC Iduna met CHESPsport zijn overeengekomen.
  2. Let er dus wel op dat er BC Iduna in de naam van je artikel staat! Dan bestel je het item uit de BC Iduna webshop.
  3. Wil je je naam op je shirt laten drukken? Dat kan voor een meerprijs van €2,50. Vermeld de naam die je op je shirt wilt laten drukken in het vak bestelnotities. Dit vind je onderaan als je in de optie Afrekeningsdetails zit.
  4. Kies de optie ‘Afhalen’ bij het definitief maken en betalen van de bestelling. Jouw clubkleding wordt dan kosteloos in de sporthal afgeleverd.

What if there are accidents?

Participation in club activities is at your own risk. In the unlikely event of an accident, the caretakers of the Galgenwaard can be contacted. They have a BHV diploma and can provide medical assistance if required.