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We want to be a badminton club where everyone enjoys their sport and other activities and where everyone feels at home. This means that we treat each other with respect. We do not bully, we do not discriminate (in any way), we do not harass.

However, should you have the feeling that something is not happening in the right way, there is a confidential advisor to check this out, report it or get advice on how to deal with a situation.

The conversations that take place between you and the confidential counsellor will not be disclosed to anyone without your:

A) consent
B) knowledge

The activities of the confidential advisor are the responsibility of the Executive Board. At the end of the year, the confidential advisor will report whether any reports have been made, what the nature of these reports was, and how the progress and conclusion of the matter was made. No names will be mentioned in this report.

We hebben Chantal Frowijn bereid gevonden om op te treden als vertrouwenspersoon. Je kunt haar bereiken door te mailen.

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