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Colour competition

Every year BC Iduna's Technical Committee organises an internal competition for recreational players. This is meant for everyone who likes to play some 'serious', but most of all enjoyable matches. It doesn't matter whether you have been playing for just a few weeks or have been a member for years. Experienced and less experienced players are divided as evenly as possible among the teams.

Each team is assigned a colour. With your team you play a match against another team once every three weeks. Your team plays eight matches in one evening: two mixed doubles, one men's double, one women's double, two men's singles and two women's singles.

The matches are played on Wednesday evenings from October to January. At the end there is a big final evening with all the teams.

Entry fee is €5,- per participant.

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Teams Kleurencompetitie 2023-2024




127-09-2023blauwgeel4 - 4
104-10-2023groenoranje5 - 3
111-10-2023paarsrood3 - 5
225-10-2023groenblauw5 - 3
201-11-2023geelrood4 - 4
208-11-2023oranjepaars3 - 5
315-11-2023geelgroen4 - 4
322-11-2023 03-01-2023paarsblauw5 - 3
329-11-2023roodoranje6 - 2
406-12-2023groenpaars7 - 1
413-12-2023oranjegeel3 - 5
420-12-2023blauwrood2 - 6
510-01-2024paarsgeel8 - 0
517-01-2024roodgroen4 - 4
524-01-2024oranjeblauw5 - 3
Finals night29-01-2024 (maandag)All teams


(for team captain)


Teams play 8 games against each other on an evening:

2x (mix-) dubbel

2x singles

4x vrij in te vullen


The team captain of the first-named team in the playing schedule makes the line-up for his/her team for that night and enters it on the match sheet. The team captain of the team mentioned second in the schedule then completes the match sheet with his/her line-up. In doing so, striving for equal games is of course more important than scoring match points.


Each match is played on the best-of-three principle. A game won here yields 1 match point. There are therefore 8 match points to be distributed per evening. The team that wins the most match points on an evening earns 2 league points. The team with the fewest match points unfortunately gets no competition points. If the evening ends 4-4, both teams earn 1 league point.


After each round (3 match nights) the standings will be updated. After the last round, the final ranking of the regular league will be known. The order in the standings is determined by successively:

  1. The number of competition points
  2. The number of match points
  3. The number of sets won
  4. The number of points made

On the final night, all teams will play against each other for the coveted cup.

Prior to the matches

Ensuring that a complete team appears on the court.

During the match

  1. Making the line-up for the evening of his/her team and filling it in on the match sheet. These game forms are on the notice board
  2. Entering the scores per match on the same competition form
  3. Putting the competition forms back on the notice board and forwarding the results to the competition organisation via WhatsApp.


Managing the team's shuttles. Each team will be handed 1 quiver before the start of its first round of play.